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Destiny to Embrace Islam

by Fatimah Modesto
(Jeddah, KSA)

I came to Middle East Jeddah, KSa last 2003. In this moment I came here I was surprised how strong the religion of Islam which I was never exposed myself in it. One month after I came here I dreamt that I wear there national attire - Abaya. I wear it when I go home in my country - Philipiines. At that time it was a hobby for me to write things up in the pen all the things that happened to me since considered my hobbies as a new comer on that place. So I wrote it down in the notes and forget it for so long......

After 15 months I converted to Islam and went to Mocca for Umra and do all the practices Islam is doing... And feeling good about it inside and Islam is really a true religion. ....

I went home in my first vacation and I bring that notes with me in the plane... It was a long drive 10 hours drive from KSA to Philippnes via Saudi Airlines. And on that time I have the chance to read my notes. With my surprised way back one month after I came to Jeddah with that dreamed wearing abaya--- It was interpreted that when I go home to philippines I became a Muslim already . And that notes stated that it possible for me to embrace Islam due to many factors to consider regarding my belief value and knowledge which is very contradicting to my out view in life at that moment .It was strongly opposed that from my willingness it hard for me to embrace Islam...... I forget this moment.

When I read it .... I realized I am destined to be an Islam regardless of who we are but as long as it is God s destined for us to be an islam. That time I was in the airplane going back to Philippines I was already 6 months embracing Islam and went to Mecca many times already , performed Ramadan - fasting and mostly I accepted that Only One God to be Worship alone that ALLAH and his prophet Peace be upon Him Prophet Mohammed .

In this experienced , our future lies in the hand of God . No matter how we refused and we keep wanting the best but only ALlah know the best for our life . ANd it was the best thing that happen to me to embrace islam. Allahafik.

Fatimah Mohammed MOdesto
KSA - Jeddah
January 01, 2009

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