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How to Live a Happy Married Life?

by Naela
(Not Given)


I'm a married woman for more than 18 years. My two major problems are:

1- My husband bad teeth and breath. He did not kiss me for more than ten years. So, I lost any feelings of love towards him. I talked to him many times, and all what he did was giving me promises to stop smoking and go to a dentist to change his awful mouth smell. His mouth smell kills me and kills any feeling to approach him!!!

2- My husband is always thinking of his mother, father, brothers and sisters and their problems that do no end. He's supporting them financially and psychologically but DOES NOT think about his life, me as a wife and gives little time to our three children. These deep worries about his family separated him from our life completely. I feel he's sitting with me but his soul and thoughts with his far away family.

The consequences he became too nervous person, does not care about himself or me or our life. I 'm terribly lonely with no love or care from the man who is supposed to be part of my soul and life. My situation is worse than a divorced woman!!!! I have love and needs in my heart that I can not express to him!!!

He's too far away from me...

I need your advice to live a simple loving life with a man who cares about me and I feel it when he touches me..

NB. I thought many times to go to the court and ask the judge for a help to get rid of this horrible life that I live. But, I felt too shy to say my husband does not kiss me or satisfies me or cares about me.

His family always talks about their problems to him and so keeping him all the time worried about them. I believe they should not keep him worried and relief him from worries that do not do anything good. However, worsen his life and our life too

More Information:

1- I have 3 daughters (16, 14, 11 years)
2- I'm Masters in Science. My husband is Bachelor of electronics
3- I am 42 and my husband is 43.
4- I have been a working woman for last two years.

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