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Hushand creating an Issue

Assallamu Alikeum,

I have been married 30 years and have been blessed with children and grandchildren. I have anxiety over the days ahead. Our children except for one have all married and have started their adventure.

Now, however, we are back to square one - No one at home and I'm finding it so difficult to re-connect. Like my life has been spent on raising children and doing things that I didn't necessarily understand, but knew or was told to do as a Muslim. The outcome is wonderful, but I feel that my job is finished and I have no place anymore. I still have a job, am off for the summer and my husband still works ridiculous hours and still comes home exhausted.

Today is my second full day off with basically no one home and I feel empty. My husband has also told me that he will be going to stay with his mom for like 4 or 5 months and wants me to quit my job and follow him later. This is not practical and I don't understand the reasoning behind it, but that I have to listen to him if I want to have peace in my home. Don't get me wrong - He has traveled a lot to be with his mom and has left me several times to spend time with her - The truth of the matter is that if she wasn't alive, he wouldn't be there, yet he wants me to leave or give up everything to go.

It isn't a topic of discussion - He is and always has had the final say.

I just need to understand what Islam has to say. It is like one in the same as migration in the cause of Allah?? If so, could you please shed some light, so that Allah may make it easier for me to leave. I pray at every prayer for sooo many things - relief from debt, to keep evil away, etc... and only help us to get there if it will be good for us and to help me understand. I feel too old to ask, yet to ignorant in Islam to know.

Jazak Allahu Khair'

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