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An Open letter to Steve in response to His Comments on Queen Tiye Post - "Woman You Are the Earth"

Hello Tiye and Steve,

Your post titled “Women you are the Earth” and subsequent comments contain so many things to discuss that I have decided to launch a new page here while quoting some of your comments and responding in my way. You are free to argue your case on this page farther.

Is Queen Tiye a Prophet?

Your sarcasm on ‘my male ego’ is welcomed. I am sorry that you have felt such from my readings. Anyway, I would like to respond to your objections on my post.

You have asked:

“Can you please tell me where on Tiye Website you see where she is “propagating an idea that God speaks through her” and please tell me how you came to the fact or an idea, that the name God or Allah is a man, as you mentioned “His messages” “

Just visit the home page of Queen Tiye and read the following three introductory paragraphs:


“This foundation was born in compliance with flows of writings in various forms from the Unseen through a woman used as a vessel to convey messages in order to impart divine knowledge, for the benefit of humanity and all inhabitants of our universe.

The information has been passed down to this chosen recipient while she is in her deepest rem sleep.”

“When it became overwhelming she asked ‘Why Me?’ and the writings flowed copiously in reply, outlining the qualities that made her suitable for the task and by saying ‘I walk your walk, you talk my talk’.”

What can you understand from these words?

What is “Unseen”?

Who “conveys messages”?

Who is “imparting divine knowledge”?

Who has “chosen recipient” Queen Tiye?

Who is saying, “I walk your walk, you talk my talk”?

You say Tiye is receiving messages during her sleep. Again my question is from whom she is receiving such messages.

Then you are comparing her with Muhammad (PBUH). It is absolutely impossible.

Muhammad (PBUH) knew who is sending messages to him. Tiye is receiving messages but does not know who is sending messages to her. Muhammad (PBUH) always got message while awakening while Tiye is receiving messages in sleep. Tiye says that she does not know even meaning of many messages while Muhammad (PBUH) not only understood, taught but also acted upon whatever he received from God.

While asking me questions, you have said:

“…you are the propagator, for you are spreading lies, shame on you, or is it that she is not proclaiming that she is a prophet, so you can stamp on her, or maybe because she is a woman? Tell me?”

I would simply request you to see whether this style and words fit to a gentleman/wo???

Questions on Allah

You have asked these questions:

What rules did Allah make?Have you seen Allah? Did you converse with Allah? Did Allah tell you if he was male or female? Do you think Allah/God/The Unseen belong to one tribe, one nation, or one religion?

My Response is:

You know, we live on earth which is a small planet in the solar system. The solar system situates at the tale of our galaxy. The universe is comprised of millions of such galaxies.

If you go a step ahead, the quantum physics has destroyed the concept of reality. Yet the string theory is the last opening into the universal existence. Many have imagined multiple universes at the same time and space. The M theory has mathematical footings but yet a scientific philosophy.

This big structure of energy strings…

Can you tell me how natural laws came into existence? Can you tell me how universe is expanding? How time and space exist? How you and I exist and have to die one day?

Furthermore, no one except his chosen people could see or converse with Him directly. He converses through his messages to the human beings. He answers your questions in Quran like:

He is Allah, the One and Only; Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him.

Read Yourself

Your Thoughts on Quran and Bible

You have stated in your comments:

"All religious books Quran bible etc are all written by man, do you think, the supreme writes history. The supreme is the history that people like you and the scientist are trying to work out, and never can, that why the unseen is the all powerful –“

My Response:

Quran, Bible and Torah are three book claimed by their followers as messages from divinity (with names like Allah, God, Yahweh etc). They were written by man but were words of divinity in their origin and thought. For example, when you dictate something to your secretary and she writes, it is not her work.

You are right that Supreme writes history too. He writes history in two forms; in the shape of messages which He sent to his prophets and in the shape of universal phenomena. You can read the both at your will.

But Supreme is not a history himself. He is omnipresent in time and space. Even time and space are His creations.

Existence of God

Your Comments on Existence of God:

“Why do you say Allah existed before Christ, Christ is like Mohamed, a prophet, when you say Allah you refer to the all power full, so to say he existed before Christ is a wrong statement, because the all powerful is the existence of all existences so it cannot be compared.“

My Response:

Muhammad (PBUH) and the Christ (PBUH) were not only Allah’s prophets but also His creations. Do you think creations could have existed before the Creator?

Your Comments on Prophets

You have commented:

“The all powerful you claim have stop sending prophet to earth, it seems you sit in the chamber with the all powerful and hear is decision, of what will or will not be done. It is natural that a child never stays at the age of one, and life continue, its also natural that we have different seasons, so why will it be unnatural for us to have another prophet and a woman at that, I know she is a prophet, and she is a female prophet in my eyes. You better wake up to that, and wake up to your male ego and accept that this woman is powerful.

Until the power of Women get back their rightful place, where they belong as in the ancient times, the world will be doomsday, until you allow your women the freedom they deserve you will have know peace in your homes, until you stop treating women like cattle, second class citizens, robots, suppressing them, the world will never be correct. Until you step back and allow the woman to step forward, your life is doom.”

My Response:

I shall refer to Quran again:

“…This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.” (Quran 5:3) Read Yourself

Quran still exists and when Allah has completed his message, He can not break his own proclamation. So it is not my decision by the decision of all powerful Unseen Himself.

There can be no man or woman prophet after these words of God.

As far as status of women in society is considered, Quran is very clear on this issue. You can read my views in the light of Quran on this website.

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