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Problem With my Marriage

by N

My name is N-- and I am basically an engineer. I am a Muslim and got married a year ago. My marriage was an arranged marriage where I haven't been allowed to see my wife based on Pakistani customs where I belong to. I spent few years abroad and got married according to my parents wishes in Pakistan.

After marriage I tried to compromise as I didn't like a girl initially and I thought after passage of time we would love each other. But problems started from third night initially she resisted and told me that she doesn't want to have sex and then her periods started but despite this I waited and finally have a husband wife relationship.

Then after few days fighting between my mother and my wife started and she left my house and called it a hell and that she had no authority in the house. Every thing which I told my wife she conveyed to her parents and thus its been publicized. For every issue her relatives used to come and warned me that you have to fix the problem and bla bla. For eight months I waited for her and sent all my relatives including my parents but she refused to come to me. Instead her parents pressurized me to send so much money every month, which I couldn't.

I called her twice and discussed with her and asked what should I do.

In the end she told me that she doesn't want to come and I should marry again. I cannot divorce her as it would start family enmity. If I want to marry another girl I have to tell about my previous marriage and so nobody would be prepared to give his daughter to a man who is already married. I don't know how to come out of this problem. I would appreciate your advice in this regard.


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