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Russian Wedding Customs have no Religious Background

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Russian Wedding Customs are governed by the law of the land. If you are a Russian bride, you will have the most uncomplicated and simple wedding. The man you fancy will have to ask you for your consent to the marriage. If you are agreeable, you will jointly make an application to the ZAGS for a date of marriage.

(The term ‘ZAGS’ stands for Zapis Aktov Grazhdanskogo Sostoyaniya, the Registry office for births, death, marriages and divorces in Russia.)

The Civil Ceremony and Russian Wedding Customs

The Russians do not accept Church marriages or other religious ceremonies in Russian Wedding Customs. Only marriages registered at the ZAGS are recognized as legal. So, all Russian marriages are registered at the ZAGS.

Once you have done that, you are automatically in the “waiting period” of a month prescribed by the ZAGS. While you wait, you do not have to plan for engagement ceremonies or inform your friends and relatives about your intent to wed. The waiting time will be fruitfully used in confirming your intent to wed the person you have chosen. If you feel that you cannot wed him at the end of the waiting period, you are free to rescind from the agreement by merely withdrawing the application. You will, of course, forfeit any fees paid with the application.

You do not have to worry about bridesmaids, bouquets and all the other little things that western or oriental brides worry about before the wedding. There will be no bridesmaids, groomsmen and a host of paraphernalia attached to weddings. You will, however, have to make your own wedding dress or buy one.

The civil ceremony, you will find, is normally accompanied by a lot of boisterous fun. You will find that when the groom goes to get the bride before the ceremony, he must fight his way to the apartment. The path to the brides house will be decorated with posters with jokes about family life and wedding. At each stairwell, he will be asked a question and he cannot pass, until he has answered them all correctly. The groom is expected to prepare a script and read it out at the wedding and so on.

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