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The Experience of Love

by GeorgeRic
(Grand Rapids, MN)


We know well whereof you speak! I once was young with dreams that vanished too soon. I savored in my comeliness which evaporated as years flew by, leaving me wounded as children shy away.. It is the way of this world . My solace is in our Father, who promised to let even me come home to be with Him.

His promises are real! 'Techie Worlds' (available from Amazon.com) proves Abbott's contiguous dimensional worlds describe God's own worlds. Jesus of Nazareth (Peace be upon him) said many things that are quite impossible in our 'material' world: things like Trinity, soul, resurrection, judgment, Satan and hell. But in a world dimensionally superior to ours those things are mechanically possible, making logical sense.

Jesus taught us to love God and to love one another. Despair vanishes amidst such love. Love builds a world of brotherhood and joy These truths have long been with us, but only now with the knowledge gained about our spiritual worlds can good Muslims go forward in heavenly growth.


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