Wedding Quotes from Secular Sources

You can find wedding quotes on internet everywhere. They need not merely to be taken from the Muslim sources to make your life happier. These words of wisdom can make your married life more sensible, romantic and real.
“An old man who marries a young wife grows younger – but she grows older.” (Folk Wedding Quote)
“A happy marriage has in it all the pleasures of friendships, all the enjoyment of sense and reason – and indeed all the sweets of life. (Wedding Quotes from Joseph Addison)
“A happy man marries the girl he loves; a happier man loves the girl he marries.” – ( Anonymous Wedding Quote)
“Marriage is not a ritual or an end. It is a long, intricate, intimate dance together and nothing matters more than your own sense of balance and your choice of partner.” ( Wedding Quote from Amy Bloom)
The friendship between a man and a woman which does not lead to marriage or desire for marriage may be a life long experience of the greatest value to themselves and to all their circle of acquaintance and of activity; but for this type of friendship both a rare man and a rare woman are needed. Perhaps it should be added that either the man or the woman thus deeply bound in lifelong friendship who seeks marriage must find a still rarer man or woman to wed, to make such a three cornered comradeship a permanent success. ( Marriage Quote from Anna Garlin Spencer)
“Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that’s a real treat.” (Wedding Quotes from Joanne Woodward)
“For I’ve been born and I’ve been wed. All of man’s peril comes of bed.” ( Marriage Quote from C.H. Webb, Dum Vivimus Vigilemus)

“Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy, you must have somebody to divide it with.” ( Wedding Quotes from Mark Twain)
“A woman might as well propose: her husband will claim she did.” ( Marriage Quotation from Edgar Watson Howe)
“It is not from reason and prudence that people marry, but from inclination.” ( Marriage Quote from Samuel Johnson)
“No man is truly married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying.” (unknown quote )
“I should like to see any kind of a man, distinguishable from a gorilla, that some good and even pretty woman could not shape a husband out of.” ( Marriage Quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.)
“Marriage is one of the few institutions that allow a man to do as his wife pleases.” ( Marriage Quote from Milton Berle)
“Marriage has many pains, but celibacy has no pleasures.” -( Wedding Quotes Samuel Johnson )
“Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing.” ( Wedding Quotes from Goethe)
“Do not marry a man to reform him. That is what reform schools are for.” -( Marriage Quote from Mae West)
“A happy home is one in which each spouse grants the possibility that the other may be right, though neither believes it.” (Marriage Quote from Don Fraser )
“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, and always with the same person.” ( Marriage Quote from Mignon McLaughlin )
“Love: a temporary insanity, curable by marriage.” ( Wedding Quotes from Ambrose Bierce)
“Love at first sight is easy to understand; it’s when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle.” ( Marriage Quote from Amy Bloom)
“He that hath a wife and children hath given hostages to fortune.” ( Marriage Quote from Francis Bacon)
“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages. ( Marriage Quotation from Friedrich Nietzsche)
“Love is blind, but marriage restores its sight.” ( Wedding Quotes from Georg C. Lichtenberg)
“I have yet to hear a man ask for advice on how to combine marriage and a career.” ( Marriage Quote from Gloria Steinem)

“Never trust a husband too far, nor a bachelor too near.” (Marriage Quotation from Helen Rowland) “There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends.” ( Marriage Quote from Homer)
“All weddings are similar, but every marriage is different.” ( Marriage Quotation from John Berger)
“Marriage is our last, best chance to grow up.” ( Wedding Quotes from Joseph Barth)
“If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the criticism of one, go ahead, get married.” ( Wedding Quotes from Katherine Hepburn)
“Marriage is that relation between man and woman in which the independence is equal, the dependence mutual, and the obligation reciprocal.” ( Marriage Quotation from Louis K. Anspacher)
“Only two things are necessary to keep one’s wife happy. One is to let her think she is having her own way, the other, to let her have it.” ( Marriage Quotation from Lyndon B. Johnson)
“After all these years, I see that I was mistaken about Eve in the beginning; it is better to live outside the Garden with her than inside it without her.” ( Marriage Quotation from Mark Twain)
“Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest of all growths. No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century.” ( Marriage Quote from Mark Twain)
“I first learned the concepts of non-violence in my marriage.” ( Marriage Quote from Mohandas K. Gandhi)

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