Why Funny Marriage Quotes?

Marriage quotes are helpful to sustain your marriage for a longer time. The funny marriage quotes are being offered to bring a smile on your tense lips. You can share them with your spouse to break the ice.
Moreover, some of the funny marriage quotes may not be too funny. They contain a kind of message inverted with a smile. You may go a bit deeper to enjoy smart message between the lines.
The quotes are property of the person who has invented them. We are obliged to observe copyrights. We try our best to quote with a source. However, if there is some misprint or mistake, please don’t hesitate to correct the mistake. You can either use the feedback form or built your own pages in the sections provided at the end of the related pages.
Lastly, offering quotes from different sources does not mean that we agree with every opinion mentioned here. It is just for fun!

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