Quotations and Marriage Quotations

A quotation is a brief expression having wit or wisdom, attributed to some person living or dead. It is given in quotes. You can see proverbial truth of Shakespeare’s saying that ‘Brevity is soul of wit’.
You may divide quotes depending upon the subjects as marriage quotations, philosophical quotes, political quotes, romantic quotations etc. Generally, the expressions and sayings of prophets, thinkers, philosophers, scientists and political thinkers are mentioned as quotations.
Quotes on Marriage are those quotes which relates to marriage and relationship issues between a wife and a husband. The marriage love quotes and romantic quotations may also be included in the list of Quotes on Marriage. The quotations from Holy bible and other religious sources are called religious Quotes on Marriage.

Importance of Marriage Quotes

Like other types of quotes the Quotes on Marriage have solid importance. Most of them contain wisdom and their repetition can help you solve your marriage problems. You can not only improve your own relations but also suggest others to save their marriages. Then how the famous people see marriage? What is importance of love in marriage? Why marriage should be made? Why marriage should not be made? And the like questions can easily be solved by reading marriage quotations.
You will find contradictory wedding quotes from different scholars and authors. You can use the contradictory opinions to support your side of argument. You can also use marriage quotes to pay homage to the institution of marriage.

Types of Marriage Quotations

On this website you shall find three main types of Quotes on Marriage:

Muslim Marriage Quotations

You shall read quotes from reported sayings and actions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions about marriage. We are going to refer them as Muslim Marriage Quotations, Muslim wedding quotes, Muslim Marriage Love quotes etc.
Most of the quotes shall be taken from the books of Ahadiths. But there is no guarantee that the quoted words were said by the Holy Prophet. There is also no guarantee for their authenticity. Furthermore, the translations should not be taken equivalent to the Arabic words and you should always go to the original source for authentic reporting even.
We are going to quote them in these pages, as in our opinion, they don’t contradict the main philosophy of Quran on marriage. And we may also source Muslim wedding quotes from different scholars, jurists and writers of Islam.

General Wedding Quotes

General wedding quotes are generally taken from books and dictionaries which are called quotation books and quotations sources. The newspaper sections and search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN are also sources for general marriage quotations.
There is a big difference between Muslim marriage quotes and other wedding quotes. The general marriage quotations may be liked or disliked. They may be accepted or even rejected. However, Muslim marriage quotes are either orders of the Holy Prophets or actions of his companions, in most of the cases. The Muslims should take these Quotes on Marriage seriously.

Funny Quotes on Marriage

Marriage is not a smooth drive. There are humps in the long relationship of a wife and husband. There are many small situations which can either be aggravated into a separation or be defused with a laugh. We are bringing some funny marriage quotations to help you to laugh away the tense phases of your matrimonial relationships.

Warning About Quotes on Marriage

Quoting is not an easy task. We shall quote every Muslim marriage quotation with the source and attribution. Secondly, we are not quoting everything about marriage from the collections of Ahadiths. We shall quote only those Ahadiths which are authentic and don’t contradict the principles of Quran. You may disagree to our selections but not to our sincerity.
On the other hand, we shall not take such care regarding general and funny wedding quotes. We shall mention Quotes on Marriage with attribution while ignoring the sources. You may find some wedding quotes which are generally attributed to famous people without any source. You may find attributions to the people like Shakespeare, Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde etc which they have never said. Instead of making research into veracity of the sources we shall follow the wit and wisdom of the quote and public opinion for attribution.

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