A Contract


Muslim Marriage and Dower Rights of Women

Dower rights of women are mandatory in any Muslim marriage. In Arabic language it is called mahr, mehr or meher. It is a gift which becomes payable to wife immediately after marriage but before sexual intercourse.


Importance of Witnesses in Muslim Marriage Law

The Muslim marriage law requires that marriage contract must be in the form of an offer and acceptance expressed in a single meeting. However, different jurists differ on effect of absence of witnesses, their number, qualifications.


Muslim Matrimonial Contract With Extra Conditions

Matrimonial contract is civil in nature. You can attach reasonable conditions to the marriage agreement. In case of violations of these extra attached conditions, you may go to the court


Procedure For Islamic Marriage Contract

Quran does not give a detailed procedure to make an Islamic Marriage contract. However, your legislature can make rules by following the basic Islamic principles and philosophy. You know, basic urge of life is survival. Viruses, insects, bird, plants, animals 


Qualifications For Muslim Marriage Partners

Muslim marriage partners are a man and a woman. It involves not only rights and duties ordained by God but also cause a family to develop as a basic unit of a Muslim society. It also involves social, financial and inheritance


Muslim Marriage Contract Basics

Muslim Marriage contract can have only one goal?
It is to meet the philosophical standards of marriage given in Quran. Still a Muslim marriage is not a sacrament. It is a legal agreement between a man and a woman where