Hindu Wedding Traditions


Hindu Marriage Customs You must be aware that the Hindu marriage customs and traditions have been derived from the practices that have been enshrined in Vedic texts and have been handed down the generations.The Hindu way of life is divided…

Customs of Pakistani and Indian Marriage Cultures


Customs of Pakistani and Indian Marriage Cultures Generally, in Pakistani and Indian marriage cultures the Muslim family of a groom searches for the bride. Quran and Islamic marriage jurisprudence does not accept a marriage conducted without free consent of the…

Ancient Jewish Wedding Customs and Torah


Do you know that the Ancient Jewish Wedding customs are governed by the Torah or the sacred book of the Jews?Interestingly, Jewish weddings are arranged by the parents of the bride and the groom and you would find that neither…

History of Muslim Women Veils


History of Muslim Women Veils Muslim women veils are designed by following a mixture of scriptures and local customs of a given society. ‘Burqa’ (a specific dress to cover the entire body including face) is prominent in Afghanistan. ‘Niqab’ (a…

Christian Wedding Traditions at Pre-wedding


Christian wedding traditions may be termed as the oldest existing customs of the cultured world. Christian Marriages are considered to be an institution ordained by God and the relationship between a husband and a wife is held sacred. It is…