Wedding Customs in Bulgarian Culture


Wedding Customs in Bulgarian Culture Did you know that Bulgarian culture of weddings has roots in customs practiced 500 years ago? Most of the traditions that were practiced then are still practiced today. The wedding is considered to be one…

Muslim Marriage Registration


You are required for marriage registration in most of countries because they are signatories to the UN convention on registration of marriages. The UN General assembly adopted the first convention in 1964. It was again made compulsory in 1979 when…

Muslim Veils in Privacy and Public


Why does a male Muslim veil his women?Quran, the basic religious book of Muslims, does not declare it mandatory…The code for modest behavior for believing women is given in Sura al-Noor (24:31) as:“And say to the believing women that they…

Most Funny Quotes About Marriage


Why Funny Marriage Quotes? Marriage quotes are helpful to sustain your marriage for a longer time. The funny marriage quotes are being offered to bring a smile on your tense lips. You can share them with your spouse to break…

Afghan Marriage Traditions and Prevailing Laws


Afghan marriage traditions are family and community oriented affairs. The celebrations are three day long events. Everyone in the immediate family and the extended family is invited to the wedding. Friends of the family are also invited for the occasion.…