Arabian Culture and Wedding Traditions


You will find that Arabian culture is clannish and the Arabian wedding traditions are closely associated with their religious and social beliefs. In majority of Arabian lands the wedding traditions are akin to Islamic marriage laws. However, generally speaking the…

French Wedding Customs


In French wedding customs, the wedding venue is often decorated with a silken canopy, flowers, and incense and traditional romantic music is played as demanded by the French wedding traditions. Orange blossoms are traditionally the most preferred flowers. In the…

Superstitions in Scottish Wedding Traditions


Scottish wedding traditions are considered a primary source of the most of the western world marriage superstitions. Here are a few of such superstitions that you may found in Scottish culture..Young men and women who wanted to find out the…

Quotes on Marriage From Hadith & Sunnah


Quotes on Marriage From Hadith Quotes on marriage from sayings and actions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) are available in almost all Hadith books under the title of Nikah. The related angles of Muslim…

Reasons for Rising Average Marriage Age


Rise in the average marriage age is phenomenon of the recent centuries. It has not only influenced the legislation all over the world but also the Muslim marriage culture.In the 18th century the minimum legal age to marry was 14…