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Muslim Marriage and Dower Rights of Women

Dower rights of women are mandatory in any Muslim marriage. In Arabic language it is called mahr, mehr or meher. It is a gift which becomes payable to wife immediately after marriage but before sexual intercourse.


Importance of Witnesses in Muslim Marriage Law

The Muslim marriage law requires that marriage contract must be in the form of an offer and acceptance expressed in a single meeting. However, different jurists differ on effect of absence of witnesses, their number, qualifications.


Muslim Matrimonial Contract With Extra Conditions

Matrimonial contract is civil in nature. You can attach reasonable conditions to the marriage agreement. In case of violations of these extra attached conditions, you may go to the court


Procedure For Islamic Marriage Contract

Quran does not give a detailed procedure to make an Islamic Marriage contract. However, your legislature can make rules by following the basic Islamic principles and philosophy. You know, basic urge of life is survival. Viruses, insects, bird, plants, animals 


Qualifications For Muslim Marriage Partners

Muslim marriage partners are a man and a woman. It involves not only rights and duties ordained by God but also cause a family to develop as a basic unit of a Muslim society. It also involves social, financial and inheritance


Muslim Marriage Contract Basics

Muslim Marriage contract can have only one goal?
It is to meet the philosophical standards of marriage given in Quran. Still a Muslim marriage is not a sacrament. It is a legal agreement between a man and a woman where

Marriage Issues


Salient Features of Indian Marriage Act 1954

Under Special Marriage Act 1954 all marriages can take place between a male and female regardless of their religion, caste or creed. Some marriages may not be valid in Muslim marriage laws but permissible under 


Reasons in Rise of Average Marriage Age

Rise in the average marriage age is phenomenon of the recent centuries. It has not only influenced the legislation all over the world but also the Muslim marriage culture.
In the 18th century the minimum legal

Muuslim Marriage

Legal Minimum Marriage Age; Past and Present

There is a lot of criticism on marriage age in Islam. Some allege that Muslim marriage law allows marriage of minors. However, Quran indicates at least on one place that there is definite age which can be termed as age of marriage:


Muslim Marriage Registration

You are required for marriage registration in most of the countries because they are signatories to the UN convention on registration of marriages. The UN General assembly adopted the first convention in 1964. It


Muslim Marriage Issues in Legal and Relationship Domains

Too many Muslim marriage issues…
It is natural. Life changes very quickly when you marry. No more simple ways. No more freedom of being single. Baby is born. Expenditures increase. New 

Marriage Quotes


A Few More Funny Quotes About Marriage

• “Marriage is a wonderful invention; but, then again, so is a bicycle repair kit”. – Funny Quotes About Marriage from Geoffrey Chaucer
• “The value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that


Why Funny Marriage Quotes?

Marriage quotes are helpful to sustain your marriage for a longer time. The funny marriage quotes are being offered to bring a smile on your tense lips. You can share them with your spouse to break the ice.


Some Funny Marriage Quotes

• “My advice to you is to get married. If you find a good wife, you’ll be happy; if not, you’ll become a philosopher”. – Socrates
• “Why a woman gets a longer, happy and tension free life? Because she does 


Wedding Quotes from Secular Sources

You can find wedding quotes on internet everywhere. They need not merely to be taken from the Muslim sources to make your life happier. These words of wisdom can make your married life more sensible, romantic

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Muslim Marriage Quotes on Love and Sex

A Hadith quotes the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that marriage is part of his way of life. He himself married for a number of times and regarded celibacy as unnatural and against the will of God.

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Muslim Marriage Quotes on Sex

1 – God’s Messenger (PBUH) is reported to said:
“In the sexual act of each of you there is a sadaqa (charity).” The Companions asked: `Messenger of God! When one of us fulfils his sexual desire, will he be


Marriage Quote on Consent of Women for Marriage

1- Hazrat ‘Aisha (RA) is said to report this marriage quote:
“I asked the Prophet, “O Allah’s Apostle! Should the women be asked for their consent to their marriage?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “A virgin,


Hadith Quotes on Marriage, Women and Family Life

1- The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said that:
“Among my followers the best of men are those who are best to their wives, and the best of women are those who


Quotes on Marriage From Hadith

Quotes on marriage from sayings and actions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) are available in almost all Hadith books under the title of Nikah. The related angles of Muslim marriage


Quotes on Marriage and Family

1- The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said:
“Every one of you is a guardian and responsible for those in his charge; the man, in his home, is a guardian and


Muslim Marriage Quotes (Part I)

The Muslim marriage quotes on this page are taken from different collections of Ahadiths collected by a renowned generation. These are interesting marriage quotations for common visitors but have special


Quotations and Marriage Quotations

A quotation is a brief expression having wit or wisdom, attributed to some person living or dead. It is given in quotes. You can see proverbial truth of Shakespeare’s saying that ‘Brevity is soul of wit’. You may divide quotes 

Muslim Culture


Colorful Indian Marriage Customs

A Muslim Marriage is a civil contract between a man and a woman if… 
… they are legally competent to make such a contract.
You need no Imam, no Wali, no writing, no marriage certificate and even no 


Customs Of Pakistani And Indian Marriage Cultures

Generally, in Pakistani and Indian marriage cultures the Muslim family of a groom searches for the bride. Quran and Islamic marriage jurisprudence does not accept a marriage conducted without free consent of the parties. 


Muslim Marriage Culture

Main characteristics of Muslim marriage culture are consent of the competent parties, presence of witnesses and dower (Mehr) to wife. No ceremony or ritual is required for a valid Muslim marriage contract. However,



Islamic Marriage Philosophy

Quran gives its philosophy on Islamic Marriage as:
“And among His Signs is this that He created for you spouses of your own kind, that you may dwell in tranquility with them,

Women In Islam


Muslim Veils In Privacy And Public

Why a male Muslim veils his women?
Quran, the basic religious book of Muslims, does not declare it mandatory…
The code for modest behavior for believing women is given in Sura 


Is Hijab An Intelligent Way To Live A Modest Social Life?

Generally speaking hijab is taken as veiling the face. In some Arabic and Western countries the word stands for a ‘modest dress for women which most of the scholars perceive as covering all 


History Of Muslim Women Veils

Muslim women veils are designed by following a mixture of scriptures and local customs of a given society. ‘Burqa’ (a specific dress to cover the entire body including face) is prominent in


Does Muslim Veil Constitute A Part Of Islamic Code Of Dress For Women?

Shape of a Muslim veil for women is mainly result of local customs and traditions instead of scriptures. However, veiling started much before dawn of Islam. Quran gives a code of dressing for men and women


Evidences For Jilbab

One of the issues in hijab that is surrounded by the most confusion is the JILBAB. Some sisters assert that the jilbab is not fard (duty from God) and that “shalwar kameez and a headscarf are OK”. Other sisters protest that the name “jilbab” is used in Arabic today to


Does Muslim Women Dress Include Veiling Of Face?

Muslim women dress is considered an Islamic way of women discrimination. The ‘Hijab’ or ‘Muslim women veils’ have generated not only hot debates in many parts of the world but also created political controversies. The 


A Single Step To Avoid Women Discrimination

Women discrimination is evident in Islamic laws of inheritance:
“Allah (thus) directs you as regards your Children’s (Inheritance): to the male, a portion equal to that of two or more, their share is two-thirds of the


Take A Moment To Discover Rights Of Women Before And After Islam

The classical defensive argument of the Muslim scholars has been that Islam announced and enforced rights of women when the women were considered not more than a

World Culture

A pair of newlywed Muslim bride and groom seated for prayers at 'pelamin' (a decorated newlywed seating at the main stage) in wedding reception, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Brides’ Prices And Arranged Marriages In African Cultural Traditions

The women have been considered valuable in African cultural traditions since ancient times. In fact it is not unique with Africa. The women have been considered a commodity all over the world during these centuries.


Polygamy And Other African Tribal Customs

Polygamy is a main feature of African tribal customs…
Christianity and Western values are influencing the African society for monogamous relationships. However, Islamic permission for polygamy has trengthened the African tribal customs

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Other African Tribal Customs

A traditional African wedding is a complex pack of divergent customs, rituals and events. The influence of Islam, Christianity and Western values is imminent. However, African public prefers to follow their centuries old African tribal customs with a lot of


Do African Traditions Promulgate Forced Marriages?

The role of tribes and families is important in African traditions of marriage. Most of the marriages are arranged by the families of the marrying partners. The women are 


Vietnamese Wedding Traditions

What are Vietnamese wedding traditions?
This question can not be answered unless you realize that Vietnamese life revolves around the welfare of the community in which they live. Their


Thai Brides In Old And New Thai Marriage Customs

Thai brides have freedom of choice in Thai marriage customs. They can choose their partners from among the men of their acquaintance.
In old times, the sexual prudishness and repressive attitudes towards 


Superstitions In Scottish Wedding Traditions

Scottish wedding traditions are considered a primary source of the most of the western world marriage superstitions. Here are a few of such superstitions that you may found in Scottish culture..


Betrothal Is Binding In Jewish Marriage Customs

n Jewish marriage customs, the betrothal is as binding as marriage. You will find that it can only be undone by divorce on proper grounds–such as the bride not being found a virgin.Next in the ceremonial order is the placement


Ancient Jewish Wedding Customs And Torah

Do you know that the Ancient Jewish Wedding customs are governed by the Torah or the sacred book of the Jews?
Interestingly, Jewish weddings are arranged by the parents of the bride and the groom and you would find that

Kyoto,Japan- May 24,2016:Japanese couple in traditional cloths walking in the Gion district in Kyoto.

Japanese Wedding Traditions; Ancient And Modern Styles

Do you know that Japanese wedding traditions vary from family to family? Everybody does not conduct the same ceremonies?
Today, there are still many people who


Hindu Wedding Traditions

Before marriage the most important function in the Hindu wedding traditions is Mehendi or Henna ceremony. The date for this ceremony is also determined by a reading of the horoscope of the bride and the groom. This is largely a female function and all

Hindu Indian Wedding Ceremony Cleveland

Hindu Marriage Customs (Part-1)

You must be aware that the Hindu marriage customs and traditions have been derived from the practices that have been enshrined in Vedic texts and have been handed down the generations.


Orthodox Greek Wedding Traditions And Church Wedding Ceremonies

Greece is a fascinating part of world as far as Greek wedding traditions go. If you are a Greek and plan to have a traditional Greek wedding, you will find many of the Greek wedding customs 


Colors In French Wedding Customs

In French wedding customs, the wedding venue is often decorated with a silken canopy, flowers, incense and traditional romantic music is played as demanded by the French wedding traditions. Orange blossoms are


Ancient French Wedding Traditions

In ancient French wedding traditions the social and economic standing of the bride and the groom were important considerations for any marriage contract. This way most of the marriages were convenience marriages.


Filipino Wedding Customs

Pa-alam or wedding announcement to elders of bride’s family is considered a must in Filipino wedding customs…
However, once it is completed, you will find that the couple must visit the family priest or the parish priest as per the Filipino wedding customs. This is


Filipino Wedding Traditions And Spanish Influence

Filipino wedding traditions are strongly influenced by Spanish traditions. It is not only Filipino wedding customs but you can observe Spanish influence in all walks of life. It does not mean that Philippines love Spain very much. In


Marriages Were Arranged In Elizabethan Wedding Customs

In Elizabethan wedding customs, the woman and the man had no say in their marriages and most the weddings were arranged by their families. Their emotions were given no weight at all.


Egyptian Marriage Customs

Did you know that the Egyptians were the first people to frame laws for marriage? Most of the Egyptian marriage customs follow the laws made under the influence of religion of the people.
To ancient and modern Egyptians


Christian Wedding Traditions At Pre-Wedding

Christian wedding traditions may be termed as the oldest existing customs of the cultured world. Christian Marriages are considered to be an institution ordained by God and the relationship between a husband and a

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Chinese Wedding Customs Are Simple But Enjoyable

In Chinese wedding customs the groom has to bear all the wedding expenses and make all the necessary arrangements for the wedding. The arrangement begins with arranging the date of the wedding by studying 


Chinese Wedding Traditions Before Wedding Ceremony

Specific Chinese wedding traditions vary in detail across the length and breadth of China. However, all Chinese marriages have six basic rituals known as three letters and six etiquette.
The three letters include the request


Wedding Customs In Bulgarian Culture

Did you know that Bulgarian culture of wedding has roots in customs practiced 500 years ago? Most of the traditions that were practiced then are still practiced today. The wedding is considered to be one of the most


Argentinean Wedding Traditions

Argentinean wedding traditions are as rich as culture and traditions of the land. Its old heritage and its customs that date back decades have influenced the Argentinean weddings to a large extent. Argentinean weddings are

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Arabian Culture And Wedding Traditions

You will find that Arabian culture is clannish and the Arabian wedding traditions are closely associated with their religious and social beliefs. In majority of Arabian lands the wedding traditions are akin to Islamic marriage


African Wedding Traditions And Influences Of West And Islam

Today’s African wedding traditions date back to thousands of years. It has never been a marriage between two persons but a bond between two tribes. Even today a marriage means a union of two


The Engagement, Henna And Nikah In Afghan Marriage Customs

Engagement is an essential part of Afghan marriage customs. The groom’s family members and elders visit the home of the bride on a specified date. They bring with them sweets and gifts

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Afghan Marriage Traditions And Prevailing Laws

Afghan marriage traditions are family and community oriented affairs. The celebrations are three day long events. Everyone in the immediate family and the extended family is invited to the wedding. Friends of the family


16th Century Marriage Customs And Their Influence On Modern World

Did you know that many of the marriage customs that we practice originated in the 16th century? Many 16th century marriage customs like the wedding cake or the wedding rings are