Chinese Wedding Customs are Simple but Enjoyable

Chinese Wedding Customs are Simple but Enjoyable

In Chinese wedding customs the groom has to bear all the wedding expenses and make all the necessary arrangements for the wedding. The arrangement begins with arranging the date of the wedding by studying the horoscopes of the bride and groom by the expert astrologer and communicating the same to the bride’s family with the wedding letter.

Getting the Bride ready in Chinese wedding customs

The bridal bath is infused with pumelo a type of grapefruit to cleanse her of evil influences. You will be perfectly right if you suspect that this bath has a cosmetic use. It helps soften the skin of the bride. She puts on new underclothes before dragon and phoenix candles. The “good luck woman” speaks auspicious words while dressing the hair of the bride in the style of a married woman. The bride is then carried to hall on the back of the good luck woman and a jacket and skirt is placed on her as she steps into red shoes placed in the center of a sieve. The bride’s face is also covered with a veil in red silk or tassels hung from a phoenix crown.
The bride then bows at the family altar and to her parents before she waits for the bridal procession to take her to the groom’s home.

Getting the Groom ready

The groom gets ready for his wedding in a long gown, red shoes and red silk sash with a silk ball on his shoulder. When the groom kneels before his family altar a cap will be placed on his head by his father. He will next bow to his parents and the red silk ball will be removed from his shoulder and placed in the bridal sedan.


The Wedding procession

In Chinese wedding customs the groom leads the wedding procession to the bride’s house to claim the bride. He is accompanied by friends and relatives and contains the traditional band, the bridal sedan and the maids of honor sedans. The bride’s dowry may be part of the procession, if it has not already been dispatched to the groom’s home earlier. The bride will not be surrendered by her friends unless they are paid a fair share by the groom and his friends.
You will note that the bridal procession stops at the door and a red carpet is spread for the bride to step on. She is ceremoniously invited into the home and steps over a lit stove or saddle before the actual wedding ceremonies begin. She also enters the home wearing a lucky mirror which she removes only on the bridal bed.

The ceremony

The wedding ceremony in Chinese wedding customs is very simple. The bride and the groom bow before the family altar. Tea with two lotus seeds and two red dates in a cup is offered by the bride to the groom’s parents. Then the bride and groom bow to each other and are conducted to the wedding chamber. In some provinces you will note that the bride and groom are asked to drink and share wine from two goblets that are linked with a red thread. The bridal bedchamber is kept open to visitors for three days and the couple is subjected to considerable teasing.
The wedding banquets are served by the bride’s and groom’s family separately for their friends and relatives. In Chinese wedding customs the bride visit her family three days after the wedding for a ceremonious visit.