Marriage Issues


Salient Features of Indian Marriage Act 1954

Under Special Marriage Act 1954 all marriages can take place between a male and female regardless of their religion, caste or creed. Some marriages may not be valid in Muslim marriage laws but permissible under 


Reasons in Rise of Average Marriage Age

Rise in the average marriage age is phenomenon of the recent centuries. It has not only influenced the legislation all over the world but also the Muslim marriage culture.
In the 18th century the minimum legal

Muuslim Marriage

Legal Minimum Marriage Age; Past and Present

There is a lot of criticism on marriage age in Islam. Some allege that Muslim marriage law allows marriage of minors. However, Quran indicates at least on one place that there is definite age which can be termed as age of marriage:


Muslim Marriage Registration

You are required for marriage registration in most of the countries because they are signatories to the UN convention on registration of marriages. The UN General assembly adopted the first convention in 1964. It


Muslim Marriage Issues in Legal and Relationship Domains

Too many Muslim marriage issues…
It is natural. Life changes very quickly when you marry. No more simple ways. No more freedom of being single. Baby is born. Expenditures increase. New